Driving Change by Leveraging the Workforce

October 06, 2014

Author: Sunita Mutha

Sunita Mutha, MD FACP
Professor of Clinical Medicine
Director of the Center for the Health Professions

University of California, San Francisco

Today’s health care delivery systems face increasing costs, an aging population, changing consumer expectations, and a greater demand for demonstrating performance. All of these factors create an urgent need for new models of care delivery—including alternate delivery sites and new roles for caregivers, improved processes, and enabling technology.

To succeed in this environment, organizations need to understand and manage their greatest asset, their workforce. Without an understanding of the workforce, organizations cannot execute the needed changes and transform grand designs into reality. The Center has long recognized this fact; our origins are steeped in research that is designed to describe, demonstrate, and evaluate changes in the healthcare workforce. We use this information to help organizations drive positive change by informing progress and policy.

This month we highlight several efforts to gather evidence to inform decision-making. We share data that address frequently raised questions about whether the supply of registered nurses is adequate to meet current needs and long-term demands in California. The data provide information about how demand is changing over time in different regions of the state. And, we share exciting news about the launch of a new study to evaluate the effectiveness of oral health workforce innovation models in promoting oral health prevention and/or expanding access for underserved populations.

We also share insights from an alumnus of the CHCF Health Care Leadership Program whose career path reflects how professions are evolving in today’s information technology-driven environment and how leadership training can provide the skills to look beyond the present to identify future needs and to execute a vision. Two of our leadership programs announce new cohorts who will benefit from intensive leadership training and will go on to join our expanding network of alumni across the state and nation. And, we offer an opportunity for emerging leaders working California’s community health centers to apply for the Clinic Leadership Institute.

The Center has an international reputation for helping organizations and policymakers develop and evaluate innovative solutions for delivering health care and this work remains at the heart of our mission as we move forward to transform health care.


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