Bringing it all Together

September 03, 2014

Sunita Mutha, MD FACP
Professor of Clinical Medicine
Director of the Center for the Health Professions
University of California, San Francisco

This month’s newsletter provides a snapshot of the work the Center does so well. You will see how our research offers insight into the changing nursing labor market and educational aspirations of nurses in California, the challenges new Medi-Cal enrollees will face in accessing primary care physicians, and how our understanding of the workforce is informing policy actions to benefit the growing number of individuals who are aging and living with disabilities. Each of these efforts is part of our long history of workforce research. We are committed to generating research-based insights on critical local, regional, and national workforce issues and using them to empower organizational leaders to plan for the future and to influence policy making.

What makes us unique is that we use insights from our health care workforce research to create future-focused programs that prepare diverse groups of leaders to navigate change. This newsletter includes examples of three of our leadership training programs – each for a specific audience that includes emerging leaders in California’s safety net, specific groups of health professionals either within an integrated delivery system or across regional and national organizations. Every one of our training programs is context-driven and experiential. As a result, our alumni are knowledgeable, informed, and capable leaders who can successfully navigate the health care landscape.

I encourage you to look at our workforce findings and explore our leadership training programs to learn how we use our commitment to pursuing the latest, most actionable workforce research in the field to enrich our future-focused training programs. These programs demonstrate our belief that the best way to prepare health care organizations for success is to equip them with a deep understanding of the issues facing their workforce and to empower their leadership to drive progress.


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