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Driving Change by Leveraging the Workforce

Today’s health care delivery systems face increasing costs, an aging population, changing consumer expectations, and a greater demand for demonstrating performance. All of these factors create an urgent need for new models of care delivery—including alternate delivery sites and new roles for caregivers, improved processes, and enabling technology. This month we highlight several efforts to gather evidence to inform decision-making. Learn More »


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Blazing the Trail with Health IT

Dr. Peter Alperin reflects on his leadership journey into what was previously uncharted territory, first as a hospitalist, and then as a leader in health IT..."Sometimes you have to realize that 'no' just means they can't see it yet."

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Leadership Development: A Critical Need in the Dental Safety Net

Author: Angela Marks, Elizabeth Mertz

Issue Brief: This research brief presents a qualitative assessment of the leadership training needs of dental directors from community health centers in California.